The Name Explained

When the name of my blog comes up, people often respond, “Sylvia Plath? Isn’t that a little dark?” Or, if it’s an editor looking to add credentials to my byline, he will often respond, “Sylvia Plath? Why don’t we say that you’re a writer in Philadelphia?”

Yes, the title is a bit dark so I’ve addressed it in a few of my posts. You can read them here And So It Begins… and here Making Peace With Sylvia Plath.

When I stopped writing the blog to work for an investment firm, I ultimately let the domain name lapse. Go figure, my new firm was not eager to snap up Investing With Sylvia Plath. By the time I was ready to begin writing again, my domain name had been subsumed — like everything else on the internet — by a porn site. You can read about it here Leaning Out.

So now we have gone from Playgroup With Sylvia Plath to Leaning Out With Sylvia Plath. And I’m actually great with that. I think she would be too.