Published Work

In addition to writing this blog, I have worked as a reporter for several newspapers and magazines. I have written on such diverse subjects as grandparents and technology, a day in the life of a TastyKake tester, speed trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market, license plates in Rhode Island, a Philadelphia lawyer named Justin Bieber (seriously), and the current state of the sleepover. And, yes, that one was for The Wall Street Journal.

Even though I tell my children that once it’s on the internet people can see it forever, it’s just not true.  But here are a few pieces that can still be found:

Somehow, I convinced the Wall Street Journal to let me play golf with my oldest child and write about it. Somehow, my oldest child said yes.

How Mom Plays The Game

Senior citizens, teenagers, new technology: the perfect storm.

OMG! My Grandparents R My BFF!

Profile of a charming National Geographic photographer. None of my children were involved.

A Focus On Storytelling

There have been plenty of others in The Wall Street Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Parents Magazine, The Huffington Post, Blogher and The Today Show’s website, Like I said, sometimes it’s really hard for me to find things on the web. But I’m sure my mother has copies.

There was also a book. And I do have copies of that. In English, Chinese and Arabic.

High-Flying Adventures in the Stock Market